Who plays Washers?
Washers is a game for youngsters, oldsters and in-betweensters ... folks of all ages find Washers stimulating, challenging and rewarding. The fact that very little strength is required also makes Washers an attractive option for people with physical limitations, mobility challenges, even hearing and vision impairments.

What about team play?
Team competition is an enjoyable option to standard individual play and brings its own unique challenges. Teams are generally composed of 2 players each with members of the same team facing one another from opposite pits. For example, Player #1 from Team A and Player #1 from Team B both throw from the same pit and don't alternate pits as in individual play. In team competition, one designated member of each team is responsible for the team's diddle, with the team scoring last throwing first (except in the case of an add).

What about game variations?
One of the strong suits of Washers is the ability to improvise and create alternate games. Among the more popular are:

    Games of less than 21 points - To shorten game play, games to scores of less than 21 points are often played.
    Double Washers - Throwing both washers at once is an interesting variation of the standard game and an enjoyable finish to a day's competition.
    Left-handed Washers - Right-handed players using their left hand and lefties using their right is an interesting variation. Ambidextrous players have a decided advantage here.

International Association of Washer Players
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